Special containers

When a basic container does not match your needs, you might be in need of a special container. Our selection includes containers for storing oil and hazardous waste, explosives containers, containers for sheltering waste disposal bins, etc. If you cannot find the container you are looking for, please contact us and we will look for the solution together.

The possibilities are virtually endless!


Surveillance container

Surveillance containers are popular in sports events, in mines and in the internal surveillance of production facilities.

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Tankkikontti / Tank Container

Tank container

A tank container is designed and manufactured for transporting and preserving liquid products.

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Side doors / kylkiaukeava kontti

Side-door container

A side-door/open-side container is a fast and functional solution as a sales stand for festivals.

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Erikoiskontti / Special container

Container as a waste-disposal shelter

As the name suggests, a container used as a waste-disposal shelter is designed to function as a place for rubbish bins. It is also available with lighting.

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Nestekontti / tynnyrikontti

Liquid container

A liquid container is a special container designed for storing and transporting hazardous waste and other liquids dangerous to the environment.

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Explosives container

A container approved by authorities for the safe storage of explosives.

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Open-side container

An open-side container is designed for the transport of wide cargo. One or both long walls of the containers are covered with tarpaulin instead of being made of steel.

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Bulk container

A bulk container has hatches on it's roof, enabling it to be loaded from above. Great for transporting and storing materials such as grains.

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Flat kontti

Flat rack container

Flat Rack containers are great for cargo which is only possible to load from the top or long sides. We have many different models and the basic models can also be modified for special usage.

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Puolikorkea avolavakontti

Half height container

Half height containers are similar to open top containers, but approximately half the height of standard containers. With their open/tarpaulin roofs, half height containers can be loaded from above.

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