Container accessories

In addition to leasing and selling containers, we supply container accessories. We have listed our most popular accessories here. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please email us and we will find the accessory you need.
Perhaps you are also looking for a larger modification, such as the installation of additional doors, decals or electricity?  Please email or call us and we will make you an offer regarding the modification.

Sähköt ja valot konttiin

Furniture for containers

We offer furniture for containers, from office items to storage shelves to changing room equipment. Renting furniture comes very much in handy when you don't want to buy new furniture just for a short time.

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Lukkokotelo konttiin

Protective case / locks

We recommend adding a protective casing for the locks of sea and storage containers since it offers an efficient and inexpensive protection against burglars.

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Rails / tow bar

Installing rails or a tow bar into sea containers broadens their possible range of transport methods.

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Jalat konttiin


The containers can be fitted with easy-to-use legs that enable positioning the container to the desired height straight from the lorry, for example, without a separate hoist. The legs are also an excellent choice when you need to elevate the container from the ground level due to a demanding subsoil or a loading bay.

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Portaat konttiin


We offer several ready-made stair packages for containers. The stairs are made of metal and designed to withstand heavy-duty use and the demanding weather conditions of Finland. We also construct stairs made to measure.

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Hyllyt konttiin

Shelves and storage solutions

Containers used for storage purposes and additional space can be complemented with several ready-made storage solutions that optimize the use of the container space. We construct customized storage solutions, too.

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Containment tank

Containment tanks are practical when storing/transporting oil, gasoline or other hazardous liquids. It is fire safe and prevents the container from getting messy.

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Toimistokontti kalusteet


Depending on the specific use, several alternatives are available for furnishing sea and office containers. Office containers used as break rooms or work space can be furnished with heavy-duty furniture – wardrobes, beds, desks, chairs, benches, etc.

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Kontin teippaus

Decals / container painting

Adding decals to the container is a simple way to increase your company’s visibility quickly and efficiently. The sides of the container can be equipped with decals containing the logo of your company, a piece of text or a layout in line with the your event’s brand. Furthermore, we can paint the containers with the colour of your choice if the currently available colour options are not satisfying.

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Gorilla pakkaustyyny

Gorilla airbags

Gorilla-airbags keep your cargo firmly in place and prevent it from being damaged when transporting in a container.

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Cargosorb desiccants

Cargosorb desiccants absorb moisture from storage containers and storage rooms, keeping cargo and stored goods dry and safe.

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